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i English classes sector -18 Noida

Phone Number : +91 9319119463

i English Classes : Sector -18 Noida

Address: 3rd Floor f31, next to au finance bank, F Block, Pocket F, Sector 18, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301.

Phone Number : +91 9319119463, 9971505599

State : (Uttar Pradesh ) City : ( Noida ) 

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Best OET COACHING in Noida

OET (Occupational English Test) is a language proficiency test conducted for the healthcare professionals that are looking to work in countries where english is the primary medium of communication. The OSCE is a method of testing your language skills using real life medical scenarios. OET for UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and SingaporeAs it is, OET is pretty well-accepted and recognized by the regulatory healthcare bodies, employers, and educational institutionsз of the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. There are so many options to choose from if you are in search of OET coaching classes in Noida, but Why should you trust i English Classes instead of the others? So in this article, Read the top reasons why i English Classes is the best OET coaching class in Noida.

Overview of the i English Classes

English Communication Now to know all about IELTS, TOEFL, English Speaking Test, here are your i English classes. i English Classes training could be availed for all types of language competency tests such as Occupational English Test (OET). OET is designed to evaluate the English language proficiency of healthcare professionals candidates who require registration and/or practice in an English-speaking environment.
At i English Classes experienced and held Articles about in demand career opportunities in your English Classes, from high universities as well as help and support from your personal tutor friends i English Classes have a team of talented and experienced educators, who offer tailor-made instruction and feedback to students. Students learn from a personalized common course of study that the school has put together to specifically meet the habits of thinking and patterns of study that are unique to each. It has the most advanced infrastructure for the school, including modern classrooms, computer labs, audio-visual aids.
Are you a working professional with limited time, the school provides highly flexible batch timings . The i English Classes have a proven track record for OET success — their students have consistently high levels of performance in the exam. This is testimony to learn share a great opportunity to share our learnings with thousands and alumni which has given us direct feedback and endorse our training quality.
The i English Classes is amongst the best OET coaching classes in Noida and also one of the top options for students looking for OET Coaching Institutes as the institute is providing Online Coaching for the same. It is the excellent OET coaching classes in Noida by offering best OET training in Noida including quality teaching, personalized care, top quality infrastructure, and positive learning environment.

Experienced and Qualified Faculty

We have a team of experienced Faculty at i English Classes who will coach and mentor you and will help you give personal attention to each students. The teachers have dedicated their lives to their subjects, and some have trained other teachers in their subjects.
Some of the qualifications and experience of faculty members at the i English Classes are:
Every one of our faculty has a master’s in the discipline that they teach.
Every one of our teachers has received extensive training and certification from such distinguished language organizations as.
These professors have ample experience in terms of instruction and language training, and have worked with students of all backgrounds. The faculty members are highly proficient in English and their communication skills are commendable which makes it easier to teach and train the students.
At the i English Classes, instructors are committed to guiding students to meet their language proficiency targets. They give personal attention along with feedback to the students in order to inculcate confidence in the students and they can also score well in the OET exam.

Customized Curriculum and Study Material

The i English Classes provides a customized curriculum and study material that is designed to meet the individual needs of the students. The curriculum and study material are created by experts in language teaching and are based on the latest trends and techniques in language training.

Here are some of the features of the customized curriculum and study material at the i English Classes:

It is a subject-specific syllabus which is consistent with the personal requirements of the students It is based on how proficient the students is in their language, how they best learn a language, and what they struggle with when learning a new language.The study material includes a variety of resources, such as textbooks, workbooks, practice tests, and online resources. The resources are carefully selected to provide a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.
Study materials are continuously revised to reflect alterations in the OET exam and to take into account feedback from candidates and tutor.
The i English Classes provides additional support to the students, such as one-on-one coaching, study groups, and feedback sessions, to help them achieve their language proficiency goals.
The customized curriculum and study material at the i English Classes ensure that the students receive personalized attention and are well-prepared to take the OET exam. The curriculum and study material help the students to improve their language skills, build confidence, and perform well in the exam.

    Personalized Attention and Feedback

    In the OET coaching program, personalised attention & feedback is the backbone and fundamentals at the i English Classes. The faculty at I English Classes gives individual feedback to every student and assists them in performing well in the OET exam as well as improving their English language.
    The i English Classes does this by giving Personalized Attention, feedback to the students.
    That the faculty is very hands-on with the students and can quickly identify what the students are weak in so they can give them a one on one coaching in that area.
    The institution conducts separate one-on-one coaching sessions, group discussions, and feedback sessions to enable the learners to enhance their language skills along with building their domain and soft skills.Referrers must provide frequent feedback to students on their language level and target students who want to continue to work on this deficiency.
    Student Support and Extra Practice: i English Classes is proud to offer extra support to our students in the form of mock exams, drills, and online resources, designed to help them prepare for the OET exam.
    The personal touch and feed back at the i English Classes helps ensure the students receive help tailored to help reach the language proficiency level they looking for. Their professionalism, years of knowledge, and individual focus, guarantee that students are ready and able to pass the OET exam with a high score.

    State-of-the-art Infrastructure and Learning Environment

    Best Infrastructure with learning Enviourment that makes I English Classes proved itself to be Best of the OET coaching Classes. The facilities and amenities of the school are designed in a way that provides the students learning without stress but is interactive and comfortable.

    Salient features of world class infrastructure and learning environment at i English Classes :

    1. The classrooms of the i English Classes are web-enabled, with facilities like computers, projectors, whiteboards, and audio-visual equipment enabling an interactive form of imparting lessons to the students.
    2. i English Classes facilities: computer, language and study room where students can work on their general language skills and home assignments.
    3. i English classes also features a large, comfortable student lounge for students to relax and socialize in between their studies.
    4. The state-of-the-art infrastructure and learning environment at i English Classes ensure a comfortable learning environment that helps the students to focus on their studies and reach their language proficiency goals. i English Classes has a variety of excellent OET facilities and resources for students to experience the best possible OET coaching and do well.

    Flexible Batch Timings and Online & Offline Learning

    At i English Classes, we know that our busy lives may not allow us to attend the same class on a daily basis, so we offer you the opportunity to follow easily from the comfort of your home. This is the reason why we provide the flexible batch timings to our students according to their need. In Addition to this, we provide the facility to study from home in online.

    Flexible batch timings and online learning option with the following features
    We offer an online learning platform where we provide our resources live 24/7, and students learn when it suits them.
    In addition, we offer students access to resources such as recorded lectures, e-books, and exam guides online.
    At i English Classes, we have the flexibility in batch timings and online learning to allow our students manage their work, life, and studies much better than they do. This way, students can choose the best time and place to learn or practice their language.

    learning to allow our students manage their work, life, and studies much better than they do. This way, students can choose the best time and place to learn or practice their language.


    Track Record of Success

    Results: We have a long record of successfully training students for the OET exam at i English Classes. Our students have shown great performance on the OET exam, ranking us the best OET coaching classes in Noida. Below are some characteristics of our proven track records:
    With experienced teachers and teaching style that proven to assist our students attain their language proficiency goals.
    Every student gets individualized attention and feedback on where they excel and where they need to improve in terms of the language.
    Our personalized curriculum & lessons plans serve the unique needs & learning styles of individual students
    We take mock tests every week which help students in assessing themselves where they are lacking.
    We have the best infrastructure and learning ambience which ensures that the students have a continuous learning atmosphere.
    We have a proven history of preparing OET exam students successfully. The exam results have been very good, with numerous students receiving the grade we need or higher. We are proud of what our students have accomplished and will continue to aim to give them the greatest education experience that we can.

    Listening Skills

    Listening Skills 99%

    Reading Skills

    Writing Skills 99%

    Speaking Skills

    Speaking skills 99%

    Writing Skills

    Writing Skills 99%

    Positive Student Feedback and Testimonials

    i English Classes – we leverage on the words of appreciation and testimonials by our very own students. We believe the best indicator of our performance as a language coaching institute is the success of our students. Students give us great feedback on their successful results and their life changing outcomes as a result of following our courses.

    1.My Experience with i English Classes Having a learned, seasoned and friendly faculty. They helped me hone my language significantly and i got my desired grade in OET exam.

    2.I highly recommend i English Classes to those who are looking for OET coaching classes in Noida By attending them, I was able to realis what my strengths and weaknesses were and the direct feedback and personalized attention from the faculty assisted me in my collaboration with the language.

    3.Study Material Provided by i English Classes Facts: In-depth and Properly Structured The entire schedule of the mock tests and other practice sessions helped me in making myself aware of the OET exam and to achieve the required grade.

    4.The online learning platform provided by i English Classes was interactive, user-friendly, and available 24/7. This allowed for me to learn on my own terms and in my own time which was very beneficial since you know how jam-packed my schedule actually is.

    Many of our students have provided positive feedback and testimonials that have left us feeling truly honored. They continue to inspire us to work towards improved ways to teach and to deliver curriculum. In total, the Encouraging Feedback & Testimony of Our Students make us be in the list of Top OET coaching classes in Noida.

      i English Classes OET

      There are several reasons why i English Classes is the best OET coaching classes in Noida. Why Us Over The Rest: Experienced and expert faculty, comprehensive yet personalized course and study material, individual attention and feedback, cutting edge infrastructure and learning facility, Flourishing openness of our batch and online learning, and most of our student results in the top 10 positions, which makes us the best choice for OET coaching in Noida. We believe a learning experience should not just be effective, but fun too. We realize that every student is different and, as a result, we adjust our approach and offerings to accommodate their unique set of needs and learning preferences. Our faculties with years of experience and rich training are skilled enough to make students learn language with their easier techniques. An environment loaded with all the modern facilities and high tech infrastructure provides best learning environment as well. Classrooms Our classrooms are spacious, well-lighted and equipped with latest audio-visual aids to supplement the learning process. We also provide flexible batch timings and online learning platforms that helps students study at their own pace and convenience. How effective our teaching methods and curriculum are is proven by our success rates and the hundreds of positive student testimonials we have. We have helped many students to get their required grade in the OET exam and enter into such a profession to fulfil their dreams of working or studying abroad. Finally, i English Classes is the topmost OET coaching classes in Noida.


      What is the OET exam?

      The Occupational English Test (also known as OET) is an international language test for the healthcare sector and checks the linguistic proficiency of the professionals who wish to work to frame their destiny in an (anywhere) English-speaking country.

      Why is the i English Classes the best OET coaching classes in Noida?

      The faculty is experienced and qualified, curriculum and the study material as per individual needs, personal attention and feedback, state of the art infrastructure, flexible batch timings, as well as on- line learning, modest fees and payment options, strong base of success and positive feedback shared by pleased students.

      Can I attend OET coaching classes online?

      Well, here are few online learning options from the schools you can look further into…. Apart from the schools, yes i English Classes does have online learning options for the students who cannot make it to the classes.

      What payment options are available for OET coaching classes at i English Classes

      i English Classes provides online payment, cash payment and cheque.

      What is the success rate of the i English Classes in OET coaching classes?

      OET coaching lessons at i English Classes have a high success rate, and their students regularly score strongly on the OET exam.

      Reach our OET coaching center in Noida

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